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Welcome to Cheap Fridge Freezers - is here to help you get the fridge freezer you want for the best possible price. All the online shops on this site offer cheap and secure online ordering and great delivery service of your appliance or appliances.

Frost Free Fridge Freezers
Frost Free was originally and is mostly applied to freezer compartments, but it can also be used for fridge compartments too. A combined fridge / freezer which applies the frost free system to the freezer compartment only is usually called "partial frost free", while one which also applies it to the fridge compartment is called "total frost free". The latter features an air connection between the two compartments, with the air passage to the fridge compartment regulated by a dumper. In such a way, a controlled minor part of the dry and fresh air coming from the dynamic cooling element located within the freezer can reach the refrigerator.

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